Spring Break With My Gf Part 2

Day 2:
When I woke up at 8am my GF was still sleeping. She was nude (she said she spent to much of the day stuffed in clothes to wear any at night) and smelled. I went on EP and youtube to pass the time and she woke up at nine. She sniffed and said "Please help me clean up would ya?" I helped her clean up after pooping and urinating. Most of it had gone into the bedpan but alot was left on the fat folds so I cleaned her up. We both got turned on then after helping her dress we went to the kitchen (Me walking slowly she waddling painfully) where she gorged her breakfast. We were alone in the kitchen. She said that her dad would be feeding her mom in bed and her brother usally didn't eat until later. Then we went out. She got in my car a 1941 Packard that had pleanty of room for her to spread out. Then we went out. We went to the park our favorite place were an isolated bench was hiding from the rest of the park. There we talked and she ate a 2nd breakfast out of a cooler. Then we got into my car and drove off to get brunch. Between brunch and lunch we decided to see how far she could waddle. 100lbs ago it was 100 yards without stopping for breath. We went down to the football field were a track ran next to the field. No one was there because it's a wet dreiry day. Then she sat in her reenforced wheelchair catching her breath that she lost waddling 10 feet. Then I pulled her up and she begain. Her fat folds rubbed together and her enormosus stomach jumped and jiggled. She got 10 yards than stopped gasping and wheezing. After that we went back to her house were she spent the rest of the day laying on her back gorging
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hey i would like to know more

Me too