One Piece Swim Suits

For as long as can remember I have admired ladies one piece swim suits.

I think they are about the sexiest item of clothng a woman can wear.

I also have numerous costumes myself, which I use for my own "entertainment"

I have had the good fortune gto be able to share my fetish with my other half, and (though she is now my ex) she played along for quite a time. Nothing beats making love to your woman, both dressed in swimsuits, either in bed, in the shower, in he hot tub, or in the pool.

The one piece swimsuit, is about the finest piece of clothing in the world.

I love 'em
squirtuk squirtuk
46-50, M
4 Responses Jul 24, 2011

I couldn't agree more ! I am also fortunate to have met a lady of about my age who also loves swimsuits and would like to model them for me. (we still have to meet in person)

I don't know why but I agree. I like a women in a tight one piece swim suit. Funny, she looks even hotter wet!

How about a one-piece swimsuit in rubber?

Which piece?