My Experience With One-piece Swimwear

It started for me back in 1988 when I was about to turn 19. I paged through a family magazine and found a section where ladies one-piece swimsuits were advertized. Maybe it may have been because I never had a proper girlfriend up to that point but something just kicked in that day. I was mesmerized by the beautiful fabric the swimwear was made of and I thought that I just had to feel and touch this fabric and maybe even wear it.

At this point in time I was doing my national service and when the opportunity came around to go back to my parents' house I eventually found an opportunity to go through my mother's things. (Not something I should feel very proud of !) At any rate, on one particular afternoon I discovered a blueish swimsuit, made of 100% nylon. I guess she did not really wear this one a lot since it was tucked away in some upper corner of her clothes closet. This swimsuit was not very stretchy but this was still a very new experience to me and I just had to put it on ! The feeling was incredible but that was about where it ended that day because my mother was just outside and I could hear her conversation with the neighbour was coming to an end.

The next opportunity only came around the next year around the month of May. This time I had more time to enjoy the silky, smooth fabric and with all the excitement I just had to ********** ! I also discovered other swimsuits in my mother's closet that were made of some combination of nylon and lycra. This made them more elastic and only added to the pleasure of wearing it.

About a decade passed before I could muster the courage to buy a one-piece swimsuit of my own. I can still remember the expression of the lady doing the transaction, however, she was smiling and I believe her female collegue was smiling too. Nothing was said fortunately and I quickly left the shop. I am glad to say that the sales people are usually neutral about it, after all, you are doing a transaction and you are their client.

Since that afternoon I have bought at least 10 swimsuits at various shops and a number more on eBay. I like the styles that come with a high neck and bright, interesting patterns always catch my eye.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Great story. Before I ever tried one on, it would drive me crazy just thinking about wearing one. And now my girlfriend and I love to wear one piece speedos/TYR swimsuits together.