Dont know what I would do without my dog
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My dog has PTSD...

How do I get a PTSD service dog

Well you can train your dog to be one or you can prob get one by researching. My own dog is one and hes been a prison dog too

Oh ok thx . I could really use one now.

Ya i would look into it! My dog helps me so much

I'm going to because its to deal with this PTSD among other things

Ya i know how ya feel :/ im here if u ever need to talk :)

Thx I really appreciate it. It's just so damn lonely because people around me don't know what I'm going through, they only go off of what they have read. Well take care.

Ya thats how i feel too :/ loneliness is quite literally killing me :( im sry u feel like tht too :(

I read your profile and we have alot in common. I'm here for you also. I know it's hard to deal with but if I can help u I will no matter what . If u have any questions ask me and I swear I'll give u a honest answer. I'm having a very hard time now cause when I was in Iraq my vehicle was hit by an IED on my bday and my bday is this weekend and I'll turn fifty and Im ready to give up for various reasons. Read my profile and you'll know more about me if you choose so. If this is all too much for u I'll understand if u don't respond. I can't work that's why I have so much empty time. I wish I could find someone close so we could have coffee and talk.

Im so sorry that happened to you! I cant work either and right now I'm doing ect therapy :/ I'll read your profile more too :) you can always talk to me if u need too 😊 hang in there

I will but only if u promise that if u need someone to talk to u will let me know. I don't want to text u too much cause u might be the only person I'm comfortable talking to and I don't want to bug u so much that u don't want too talk. I'm sorry but what is ect?

No its ok! :) Ok i promise if u promise :) its electro convulsive shock therapy

Ok I promise

Sometimes I just want to run away and go to the hills and I do have a the camping stuff to do it. I have thought of just driving to different places. Does that hurt.

Haha thats weird cause i have always wanted to do that and have a cabin in the middle of the mtns w horses

That would be awesome but I'm afraid of horses cause they are bigger than me

Haha i train them

Do u ever feel like u need someone to hold u but u r either afraid of opening up or letting someone to close?

Yes i just want someone to look me in the eye when i say im ok and to hug me and say no your not. But that seems to good to be true

I like playing games on my ps3

I have projects but I want someone there with me to share the progress and help me but without that I can't get motivated.

After reading your profile u don't have to feel lonely cause u have a new friend.

Thanks :) wish i had a ps3!

Don't you play video games. By the way my name is sal. Maybe talking to u will help me in getting out of bed in the morning. As it is I don't sleep much.

Ya but im an xbox person

So sorry. I'm totally a play station person. Do you like boats? Cause I have one do u fish? What do u do during the day

Haha ya i go fishing all day if i cd

I love to fish and tube

It's never to good to be true. I feel the same way.

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