I Have A Pacemaker

I was born with an irregular heart beat because I have 2 to 1 atrioventricular heart block. When I was 2 years old I went into heart failure and received my first pacemaker. My pacemaker lasted ten years and then I got it changed. I'm almost 14 and I've had two pacemaker procedures. I always have to go through people always saying "you're so young" and "I am so sorry that happened to you". Sometimes it's annoying. I havent really reached the point where I accept and am not self concious about my scar. Over the years it's gotten better but I still don't like it to show infront of people. But I'm working on it and hope that I get to the point where I barely notice it and accept it as a part of me!
SmilesAllDay SmilesAllDay
13-15, F
Jul 21, 2010