One Week Ago!

Just had my pacemaker put in a week ago, I'm 34 years old. Never really felt my slow heart was a problem, but over the years the doc says I've been slowing down more and more, and while sleeping I'm down lower than 20bpm, so they felt it was time.

The procedure itself was fine. They wheeled me to the operating room, strapped my legs and arms down, and began administering the anesthesia. I was out in a few seconds, and had some wonderfully pleasant dreams. I don't remember the dreams, but I remember waking up from the anesthesia very peacefully. Then the reality hit as nurses and techs were all around me. My throat felt like something was lodged in it, but a nice nurse said that was the dryness from the breathing tube and gave me some ice chips to suck on. It went away almost immediately.

The pain itself wasn't too intense. Laying down I didn't even feel any pain, so I refused pain meds all night long. The next morning when I would stand up it felt like a charlie-horse in my pectoral muscle (the doc buried the device behind the muscle so it wouldn't show, and had to cut some muscles in the process). The tightening in my pectoral muscle lasted for a couple of days, but got better as each day went on. Tylenol and Advil kept most of the pain at bay and I was back to work and coaching basketball games 3 days later; though I probably should have waited an entire week. I feel even better now, 1 week later, with very little pain. I can't even tell something is in me, and most of the time forget I have one. The good news is that my heart is beating consistently at night now with it in and life is already getting back to normal!

It's empowering doing something proactive to maintain my well-being/lifestyle.
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4 Responses Sep 24, 2010

Thats great! My beats have dropped from misfiring at90 to 65 in 6 yrs. Im feeling very overwhelmed and scared. Loved reading ur story. Didnt realize u can get it installed under the pec muscle. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

hope u are feeling better!

So pleased for you that this has given you a new lease of life... treat it kindly and you will live a long and happy life...S

YAY!! I am so glad for you. Staying healthy is half the battle! Hugs, LW