Gastric Pacemaker

i have had pacemaker since 2004 and have just had it replaced for the second time my first surgeon died and this one i have now is not a very good one he is new to this and is very unprofessional he did not even talk to me or my family before or after battery exchange last friday i live in wanesboro ms and i go to the university odf mississippi my gastrointerologist is dr thomas abells and he is a wonderful doctor without him i would have died
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i have been very illsince i had my gullbladder taken out two yrs ago. my dr and i she is from texas tech are considering the gastric pace maker as my stomach is moving really slow now. I just wanted some imput on if i should do this or not.

I too am a gasltroperisis patient of Dr. Abell's.

I live in Kenai Alaska and I have traveled to the University of Mississippi Medical Center twice. The first time for a temperary pacer that gave me less than desirable effects and the second time, in 2009, And again had dissappointing results from the temperary pacer, but I still elected to have the perminant pacer implanted.

This was the best decission of my life. It changed my life.

Dr. Abell has been .... well, mere words can't describe how awsome he has been. Caring, kind, understanding.....and very very proffessional.