They Aren't Just For Old Peeps Any More...

OK, to some of you maybe I am old...hell, when I was a kid I used to think that 25 was ancient...but here I am at 30 and on my 3rd pacemaker.

A lot of people (maybe less in recent years) think that pacemakers are only used for senior citizens. I'm living proof to the contrary. I was born with a hole in my heart, and underwent open heart surgery at 1 year of age. My heartrate was always slow after that. It wasn't until I was 10 that anything scary happened as a result...

I was in hernia surgery (10 yrs. old) when I went into cardiac arrest.  I made it through, but at that point it was decided that a pacemaker would prevent my heart from fluctuating in the future, and would therefore be a good idea.

So at 12 years old I received my first cybernetic in like 1997 they were going to replace the pacemaker battery, but realized that pacemaker technology had come so far that they'd just replace the whole shebang. Enter pacemaker 2.

After a few years, pacemaker #2 (or as I like to call it, the Iron *****) attempted to leave my body by slowly, painfully moving from the middle of my right pec toward my underarm. Yeah. OW.

So the doctors removed the fucktard pacemaker, and I received a brand new, shiny 3rd pacemaker. Last year the doctors told the pacemaker to stop doing so much work for my body. The result, I'm happy to say, is that my heart is growing stronger by taking on more responsibility for pumping blood to my entire body, etc.

The End...or is it?
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Pacemakers can be removed/replaced, etc.

same story but just i wanna say can pacemaker be removed ever in life time ?

I'm 34 and getting my first pacemaker in a couple of weeks! Sure, I'll probably be the youngest one in the recovery ward, but pacemakers definitely aren't just for old peeps. My older brother already had one put in at 28 years old. Thanks for sharing.

LOL...Grandfather Clock...that's awesome. I hope someone gives me that nickname when I'm gnarled and grey. :)

hee here's another living proof!!<br />
I got my first one when i was 6 years old. now i'm 14 and i also have had 3 pacemakers but when my battery needs to be replaced they have to replace the whole pacemaker. and my battery's only last for 3-5 years most just 3 years so that kinda sucks. but most of the time i don't feel anything of it. <br />
greetz from another living proof

I have an old neighbour down the road and I called in one day and he was panicking. I asked 'What's the matter?" He said: 'My pacemaker is scheduled to be replaced tomorrow and I can't remember the name of the doctor, hospital or anything.' Eventually his wife found the details and fifteen years he's still gping strong. I call him the Grandfather Clock.