I have had a pacemaker since I was 2 weeks old. I was born with Congeneral heart defect. I've been through about 4 pacemakers. When I was in elementary school I HATED my pacemaker because naturally I'm a very athletic person, and with a pacemaker it's all rules. NO CONTACT SPORTS! NO CONTACT SPORTS! NO CONTACT SPORTS! I hated that rule! I wanted to be a normal kid. Running, dodgeing, playing, etc. but I couldn't I always sat by the sidelines and watched all my friends play and I couldn't. What I wished was to have a school just for pacemaker kids so I wouldn't feel so left out. Now I guess I'm ok with it. As I said I'm naturally an athletic person but with this i've turned into a lazy person, although I do take ballet and tap (WHICH I LOVE!) .  

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Hope its going well for you!