My Pacemaker

I 've a pacemaker too.


I'm just 14 years old (so i actually am not allowed to log in to this site but okay). I got my pacemaker when i was 6 years old, this already is my third pacemaker and i already have it for 2 years. I have had really bad luck with pacemakers because my first pacemaker had to go back to the factory cause it could stop any minute (so it was broken) (i only had that one for three years). My second one the dread was broken our leaking and it used power for 4 months in 1 month and i only had left for 8 months power! After 2,5 year. I'm from the netherlands and they discoverd it when I needed to go to the GGD. For a health check up. Then they heard something in my heart so then i needed to go to the hospital and there they found out that my heart beated way to slow it only beated 50 times per minute!! and at night only 20-25 times so i basically was in a coma when i was asleep but i didn't cause i only was 6 years old. Now it's just a part of my life and i'm really really thankfull that i needed to go to the GGD otherwise... i don't want to think about what happened then because it didn't happen.

greetz another owner of a pacemaker esther

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Hi! My name is Becky. I'm 15 and I have a pacemaker too! I've never found anyone else my age with a pacemaker before. Message me