I Would Also Like to Say

Everyone who doesn't have a paper vagina, should add this as a goal. Having a paper vagina is the best!

Melody08 Melody08
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8 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I w3ould like to know too ;)<br />
<br />

I thought I was worldly. This proves I am not.<br />
Maybe it's not "what is a paper vagina?" but "what the heck do you do with it?"<br />
Anybody help me out?

Is a paper vagina better than a real one or a silicone one?

I made mine myself too!

Wow, thats comments n a half.<br />
and a great story.<br />
sadly. idc

Well, you can make a proper oragami one, or rather pornogami as it's called. But I made mine myself.

Is it a kind of origami.....like a paper crane?

Exactly what it says. A paper vagina.