Poem - Triangle Of Abuse

I stepped off the bridge of normalcy

So that I might just breathe for a moment in time

I stepped off to find the real me that lies in the churning sea

I walked amid the gunshots and screams

Only to be crushed and tossed aside like a broken doll

As I laid upon the floor, face contorted in silent screams

As the memories came alive upon the ceiling

And your voice spoke in my ear

as you once more reminded me you were near


I lived my life

I walked tall and felt small

Yet laughed and smiled through it all

And the passerby’s never knew, never knew I was dying inside

As I forever heard the screams and saw the tears that slid down your face to mix with the blood

I forever heard your voice speaking of love as he stood by red in the face ready to start the race

Race to the finish line of more disgrace


As I hid, I hid from you both in fear

Wishing it all to go away in the darkness of my tears

My heart broke for you, my dear

As you sang of love, and our warden sang of hate.

Will the abuse ever end, even though he is no where near to my beckoning door of sane?


He sits behind hateful bars that cage

That take away the power he had once contained

Why oh why do I feel some pride, pride in the fact that he cannot be free to work the sea?

I know now, I hid from the questions and the reality of the passing seasons


I couldn’t take the truth

And the truth was that I couldn’t take you

I couldn’t take the passing love or the unforgettable abuse

I waited, and I waited for the sun to shine

But all it did was highlight and wash away all your lies

Until I saw you, I saw you as the compromise to my life and the dreams I so seek to succeed.


Silently I cry in regret for your torn life,

As I continue to walk tall, feel small, and smile through it all.

Yet, every once in awhile, I will stop to remember the decency

You had once possessed when you were a human being, just like me.


-Mindy Brown


~To my father, his ex-gf, and me too~

lilfallenangel lilfallenangel
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010