My Mom Has Been Sick Almost My Whole Life

My mom was diagnosed when I was 17.she was molested as a child by her dad and brothers and supressed a lot of things.her 1st episode she had walked off.she would always go for walks and take 30 mins one day it had been a hour so I went looking for her.found her fannypack walkman keys and rings in the field no mom.I went home told my dad wrote down what she had on so I would remember.he waited 2 more hours I was panicing.finally he gets in the truck to go look for her.I sat at home waited she called 4 hrs later 7 miles away at a truckstop!!!she was incoherent and didn't know her mom is now on 8 meds.what ****** me off is when they get sick they don't realize it the family mom has had 6 episodes in the last year and it is extremly bad because I live with my parents I can't leave my 4 year old alone with her.stress brings sickness on and traumactic events make my mom time when I was at work I had to leave because neighbors saw her freaking time she left my aunts car at a redlight ran up a freeway my aunt got scared called me.I called 911 said she was manic needed help I didn't even know what marker!!I was scared my mom would get hit by a car.when they picked her up she had a huge cut on her ankle.this illness is hard on thhe person with it...and the ones who love them.
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oh hon im sorry this must be hard for you and to have to kind of shield your son from it to!! i wish that one day they will find a cure for it

Wow. That's very tough. Sorry. Hopefully the meds will keep her under control. That sounds just awful.