Raising Each Other.

My mother had me when she was fifteen.  Because of this, my whole life, we've been raising each other.  I tried to raise my dad too, but he'll never grow up, I don't guess.  My mother and I are more like sisters.  The things we talk about together are not typical mother-daughter conversations.  I don't hesitate to tell her about my sex life, she tells me about hers, we talk about all the bad things we've done as far as drugs and alcohol are concerned, we go places together... I've never been embarrassed to have her around my friends, like other kids, because she was always more like a big sister.

But, she depends on me WAY too much, and always has.  For this reason, I can't just move to wherever I want, I have to stay close to here forever.  My mom depends on me as a confidant, as a second parent to my brother, as a house cleaner.  It's a hard job.  I never got to 100% enjoy my childhood beceause of it.

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I am going through the same thing. My mom is my everything. But at the same time i need to go and have my own life. Hopefully i will always have her close. Honestly I'm scared to death of losing her when i move away for college but at the same time I know i have to do it for my own gain.

I understand how you feel a bit, BOTH my mom AND my dad depended on me too much! I thought they had me so I could take care of them. Good luck hon, and I hope you break free soon.