So I'm sitting in my living room today watching tv with my one sister. All is well, my mother's gone to the city with my dad and nephews and were having a pretty laid back day. My mother had decided she needed a new cat after ours had passed away (I'm not blaming her for that) and found out she was pregnant. When Big Mama had the babies we knew we weren't going to keep them, so I started asking friends if they wanted a sweet baby kitten. All but 2 ended up being taken. So were watching tv and everythings great and then all of a sudden I get this text from my mother telling me to "dump the kitten at the pet store or she'd dump them all somewhere". Keep in mind, these kitten are JUST old enough to leave and it's cold in the winter here. I've always been a little sensitive when it came to pets so I of course said "no if you don't want the kitten here, YOU take him to the store. *I* want him here." I even told her I'd buy his food and litter until he was house trained. Nope. Went over like a lead balloon. She started freaking out on me calling me a "lazy ***" and that "all I do is sit around and play on my computer". Get bent. It's called being a student, accept it and move on.
BbyGrlPickles BbyGrlPickles
26-30, F
Dec 19, 2011