My Dad Has Ms. It Has Destroyed His Mind.

I hated him living with us. Ever since I can remember he was sat predominantly in his wheelchair, scowling, yelling at everyone, getting annoyed at everything and, as I was so young ( 6 years old ) I was not told this until recently but he hit my mother as well.

We eventually left him and, since I didn't understand even half of what went on I was upset, therefore was the only member of my family who kept in touch. I now wish I hadn't. He speaks like a baby, slurring his words, speaking so slowly and exaggerated you would think he was constantly drunk. He transferred to a medication that has mellowed him out. But his brain and personality have all vanished. He gets me confused with my sister, he has a constant need to send me presents, things of which i always refuse before they turn up at my doorstep, nor are they exactly normal gifts. Things like deoderant, toothpaste. He even sent fruit in the mail at one point. If i say i do not need any more he proceeds to offer something else, then another thing then another. I could be on the phone for over an hour once just saying "No thanks dad" "thats OK" Until I finnaly give in and let him send whatever he wants. I have come to realize that he does not do this out of love. On my 18th birthday he called and said he just wanted to die of cancer instead of living like this. When i go to see him all he does is insist that i run around the house with a big bag collecting all these things that he is convinced he bought for me, but have been there for sometime, then send me shopping ( despite protest, he wont have it any other way ) with a ridiculous amount of money, not going with me himself since he is housebound. We live far and i visit to catch up and keep him company. But the topic is always the gifts that i never asked for but he thinks i should want.

Perhaps this has been more about my petty anger with my father as opposed to it being about him. But there is very little I can say other than he has advanced MS. Some people retain their sanity while others--such as his case don't and i will be disturbed by his actions until he finnaly dies.
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That's somewhat how my father is. He has a mind of a child and acts like one. You cannot have a serious conversation with him whatsoever, you have to repeat yourself multiple times, he'll argue and refuse to do things to help him and respond with "I don't care." It really is hard to be around him.

This is just like me