My mother is Schizophrenic. She has never taken medication to my knoweledge and shes also does drugs and is an alcoholic. It hurts that I can't be in her life sometimes but through the years I've learned to understand that she can't help what she does anymore. Its just so horrible that she constantly tries to hurt me. She will go threw phases where she loves me and wants to be in my life again to compleatly hating me and wanting nothing to do with me. I had only lived with her for the first three monthes of my life since she was neglectful. Her mom and her moms mom(my grandmother and great grandmother) also has Schizophernia but they are on medication and doing very well. I'm just scared since in runs in the family on my mothers side that I'm eventually going to develop it, that its going to happen soon and there wont be anything I can do about it. Since from what I heard in most cases it doesnt develop until your in or around your 20s and it was like that with them too . I just dont want to be like my mother.
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have hope. My father also has schizophrenia, but he takes medication, he went threw a period were he refused and he ended up going to a mental hospital for three months. It hurts because one moment they are fine and then the next they're not the same person. I have that same fear, but i believe that if i try my hardest at a stress free or at least a low stress life, surrounded by the people that love me, ill be alright, and you will be too, so have hope, its scary to think about it but its a 50% chance you wont get it, but who knows, we both might get the illness, but that won't change who we are, it may be rough at first but i have hope that things will go well, so like i said, have hope and I Hope that everything is okay for you.