Re-integration Into the Work Place After Being Unemployed Due to Depression!

Hi all,

My partner has suffered from severe depression and has been off sick for over a year now! Nevertheless he had an interview two weeks ago and last week he was invited to a second interview.

He had a call today and they want to see him for a third interview - exciting!

We live in the UK and my partner didn't put it out in the open that he was off sick for such a long time with his last position.

His former employer made an agreement with him and he has two good references. His story is that he left the company.

Now, the new employer (possible new employer) wants to phone his former employer and we are just scared that now everything comes out in the open.

What can happen? Can the former employer say: "He has been of sick due to depression and actually never really started working here?"

We are very concerned. My partner works in Sales and in this field people are quite intolerant towards mental health illnesses.

We don't know what to do? Shall he phone his former employer?

Has anybody been in a similiar position? Or is anybody here that made his way back into the work place even though he has been off with depression?

Any comment could help us as we are looking for some new input!


achguckmaldie achguckmaldie
31-35, F
Apr 11, 2007