Should I Move On?

It has been a long time since I started talking to this guy. We met on facebook. We used to skyping every day and night. we live in different worlds so I always have to stay up the whole night. I'm so into him n fall for him. we are not accualy in releationship but we seem like a couple. He is being so perfect to me he's always making me laugh I love spending my time with him. but there is one thing I don't like... He's getting buzy these days. he started working and go to college so he doesn't have a time to sit and talk with me. And I usually can't sleep. he is always on my mind n that hurts me. Should i move on or what should i do?
saronabraham saronabraham
1 Response Feb 10, 2013

Just randomly saw your post, I'm new on here. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents :) Dating online is hard, as you know! I've done it. I found personally, its better to find people in person and get to know and love them. Sometimes its too easy when you don't know someone personally, to move on or let go. If he's in collage he probably is busy, and i'm sorry :( But love happens when you least expect it. You look cute, just take it as a learning experience and be happy for the good times and start over. That's what I would do. I hope I helped, I'm a hopeless romantic, so I know how you feel. Feel free to chat anytime :)