Some Things Make Me Incredibly Sad And Angry

Last night, I was thinking about Ashtiani, the mother of two who in 2006 was arrested and convicted of adultery in Iran. A confession was extracted from her after she was subjected to 99 lashes of a whip; a confession she later said was coerced from her. Her sentence - to be stoned to death.

It's horrific that in an age we consider to be modern and fair, these sorts of things still happen, legally and through the court no less. I cannot accept that nothing can be done, that people from all around the world, people with power and influence would just let it be.

That's why I couldn't just sit here and do nothing. This is such a great website where people give each other support and understanding - but there are people like Ashtiani who don't have a voice or the support that they need. Maybe EP can make a difference. Spread the word: --> more on Ashtiani's story and what we can do to help〈=en -->protest letter against stoning

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ForestSong ForestSong
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Jul 7, 2010