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I'm an only girl on a hockey team, and being part of that involves a lot of sexism. It isn't right, it isn't normal. If you say that you say those things cause i should be in the kitchen! Well of course i might hit you, don't complain about it. You saying that hurts me emotionally just as much as my hit hurt you physically. I'm sick and tired of  human rights being violated! People say racism is done IT REALLY ISN'T. Look around. People are racist to aboriginals, to African Americans, to Jewish TO SO MANY OTHER ETHNICITY'S STILL. are people just wanting to believe everything is all good? Sexism is still occurring! Who here listens to rap or any recent songs, and watches movies or music videos. People think all things are solved all ageism, sexism, racism. It really isn't and I with hopefully the help of others, will STOP IT. 
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hey hockey.., this is not a "girls only" type of problem. I was not allowed to go out for the volleyball team in high school because i'm a boy. Later on, I was told I could not take softball as a required college gym credit - and I needed this to get my degree. There are hundred of examples in which women are just as guilty as the guys okay.., just like you, i've had to put up with this sexism my entire life. Maybe if you were told, scolded and reprimanded your entire childhood for playing rought with the girls, you might see that this specific brand of sexism is a two way street.

Its human nature to try to be top dog and put others down,in this so called Politically correct world we all want to be equal,well thats never going to happen same as other put downs will remain as long as humans are around,yes its not fair but life's not fair,we just have to learn to get along best we can,with out the use of pigeon holes and other tittles.except our names or nick names we use.

I was jsut going to say that. Sexism isnt only caused by males, females do it as well, just then u said adn i quote "especially American white saxon christian males" the ones u are counting are the rotten bunch and unforicinatley those are the ones we see most of. I have seen boys play on female teams though. They have that here. But dont jsut say boys are sexist because your words were sexist to men. And those words could them as much as it hurts me to hear them. Dont judge the other gender. view them by there personaluty not how they look, that is what will make the world a much better place.

Why is it ok for a girl to play on a boys team ... but a boy is prohibited from competing on a girl's team?<br />
Why is it women running in the same marathon race with men must there be a designated woman winner when she finishes behind twenty men ? Why is that not sexism? Why is it women get to set all the rules?