You Have No Idea

I have a serious passion for human rights.

I have been a servant to the public for years.

I have championed the causes of those who needed it.

My mouth which is almost bigger than my heart has been heard by governments, civic and national business leaders.

I research my causes very well and then I go after them.  Big business does not scare me.  I don't care how big the dog is.  I bite just as hard as they bark.

I don't pick up every single cause out there because not all are worth it and not all have a clear cut agenda on how it will benefit the public or help improve a specific individual.  Those causes I do pick, I carry them deep.  I use intelligence, the law, common sense and compassion in dealing with those that have been wronged.  I don't play games.  But for those that do, I play a very hard ball.
Sweetertnu Sweetertnu
41-45, F
2 Responses Nov 7, 2011


I completely agree with you, you are such a great person in my opinion . It's upsetting that where I live, I was attacking in college and while I was trying to defend myself a tutor caught me fighting back, so I was accused for bullying. I don't see how fair that is on me. But anyway, Keep up the good work girl. Let your voice be heard!