Human Rights

I know im a very rebelious person but to oppress others because of their faith,belief,rights as human beings then i dont care who you are im going to stop it and will try to find ways to support this people because slavery is already not acceptable this days just like the thoughts that we men are the only want that is always right now a days woman has equal status for everything we do so even in the old and new testament,torah,Koran all are mention that we as human has the right in everyway in the eys of God and the rule of law.
Why some people think they are above the law and could do anything to oppress people,its not because we are white,black,brown,yellow or whatso ever color do we have we are all equal and died the same way as no one will stay immortal beings so why dont we try to give chances to live in peace and not to oppress under developed country and make this world a better place to live?
In my own way i always a find away to do some volunteer work to serve people in need because this days alot of challenge in our life poverty,malnutrtion,diseases are there to see and how to survive this things when you are already poor and the fundamental rights is taken from you and been oppress,why?????????think and do some changes now so that our planet will survive for the future....

tawam tawam
36-40, M
Apr 24, 2012