A Better World.

I really want this world to be free from racism, hatred, poverty and exploitation. There are so many problems in world. There are children who don't even get proper meal. Just imagine the pain of a mother who has to see her children hungry. It so heartbreaking to even think about it. On the contrary in this same world, there are people who enjoy exotic dinner at a luxury hotel. There are children in who are not happy with their latest toy. I am not against the rich people. But how can one justify that in one part of the world there are people who are enjoying an exotic dinner in an Air Conditioned restaurant and in the same ever world a child is dying of hunger. Sadly and regrettably both of these scenarios are co existing in this same world.
But I believe that each and everyone in this world can have a good life. There is no doubt about that. It is possible. It is not an impossible; it may be tough but not impossible. But don’t need extra resources for that. The only think we need is to change the mind set. There is great need to expand our thinking. To raise above the stereotype conventions which are prevalent in this world. The humanity is not ended in this world. It is rising. There are people in this world who are working on it. We are inherited with goodness. And I hope this inherited goodness will make this world a better place to live.
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1 Response Mar 2, 2013

You're right, don't be against the rich people, be against money. Money and Power. People aren't bad, those things make them so. Very much like the one ring in LOTR..
Apathy, Ignorance..that's the problem. And then, there's the classic, when good people give up and start thinking for themselves..or as they like to say, 'being practical'. They say nothing can be done, they don't realize that it's the fault of people like them, who give up on others, give up on morals and life itself. Instead, they conform..to a system of privileges, only to be oppressed, suffer injustice, but it's too late to rebel now. They don't have the passion anymore. They're too practical, they can't be bothered. They survive, in palaces, while people live in the streets