Human Trafficing/sweat Shops Please Read and Pass On

for the past few months, i have had an obsession about becoming educated on, and raising awareness of sweatshops and human trafficking. it was shocking to me to know that more than half of the people that are in my life had no idea what either one or both of these things were..

for those of you who may not know..

human trafficking is defined as the sale, transport and profit from human beings who are forced to work for others -- is the modern equivalent of slavery. Against their will, millions of people around the world are forced to work for the profit of others, for example by begging, prostitution, involuntary servitude, working in sweatshops - even becoming child soldiers

and sweat shops are used in countries that are usually poor. they work their employees for sometime sup to 18 hours a day under harsh conditions with almost no pay. they take advantage of these people because they know that they need what ever money that they can get.

i am very concerned about these issues and I'm trying to make it my mission to raise awareness of them. many people do not know that human trafficking is very prevalent right here at the united states. it happens in all countries, to all types of people, to all classes, races and is a problem that needs to stop.

one way you can help with sweat shops is by purchasing fair trade items. these items are made from people in foreign countries, such as Honduras, new guinea and Haiti. these people make things such as purses and jewelry and grow things such as coffee and cocoa and they are sold here in America and the proceeds go back to the people who produce it so they make a fair wage, unlike the wages given in sweat shops. please, always look for the fair trade logos when purchasing items. you can help save peoples lives, please try to give them simple things we couldn't imagine living without

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In a sense I have spent my entire life working for "human right" as a social worker fighting every day just to get food, rent, and heat assistance to the poor in the area I served, so I have a tiny piece of knowledge on this topic and I contribute more than my fair share toward organizations fighting for human rights.

That being said, my one passionate gripe is the using of emotions to profit very large and powerful corporations, for example..."the children must be protected!" or "We must shut down the sweatshops!”

Great! But cut away the bull crap and the cry has absolutely nothing to do with protecting children or anyone, but business agendas and employment issues. Notice that while everybody shouts out, "Close the sweatshops!" nobody is willing to then feed and care for those "employees" of the sweatshops thrown out of work, with no fairer/better jobs for them.

The real cry is that these sweatshops are hurting the bottom line of some huge American corporation. Nobody really cares about the consequences of closing the sweatshops that befalls those eking out a living! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CORPORATE BOTTOM LINE, cloaked by exacting human emotions via pictures and horror stories, conveniently forgetting the suffering left for those these profiteers are leaving behind.

Certainly close the sweatshops, but first! For God's sake, don't do as is the case, close the shops and to heck with those thrown out of work, work so desperately needed to feed families that these huge corporations and the world's religious community turns its backsides to, and don't tell me that those saintly "Christians" are out there feeding the poor! North of Cincinnati a huge Christian church just spent more than $700,000.00 dollars to build a monster statue of their Jesus!

Stop using a human tragedy to make even more money!

I support your endeavor.

This is an important concern. You have made me aware and

now I WILL purchase fair trade items. KEEP UP THE GOOD

WORK! Elsie

hello Beyondallreason,

I like your post. I think you define the issue quite well. I like how you raise the issue and provide examples of some solutions. for example buying fair trade items

its so sad i wish we could stop all the madness!