I Am Concerned For America

I believe we have lost our rights in this country. From the start of the Bush

Administration, until today, we have given up all our freedoms--the right to

protest against the govt. the right to impeach officials who are stomping on

us--there was a time, when as a nation we impeached a president (Nixon) who

was forced to resign for abusing his decision making privileges. What has

happened to the spirit of resistance to injustice that once prevailed in our

country? We now condone torture, and our new president is against inves-

tigating and punishing those in the previous administration who have

tortured others in the name of all Americans. How can we inspire more

awareness and activity to restore a country for, by, and of the people?

elsiepea elsiepea 46-50, F 5 Responses May 24, 2009

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Wow I run into people who think the Bill of Rights Give us Rights !

No the bill Of right tells government what it can do and what it can not do that is the Bill Of Rights!

If life in this country has become so unbearable for you and the masses are not revolting, then I'd say most Americans are at least accepting of the state of the Nation, so I guess those for people like you, whom life here has become such a problem should consider some other nation.

I to am concerned The young to day say it does nor effect me But it will they just do no see it. We have become a Military state! The government can send the troops into your house now for no reason they have to show!!!! They talk about the right to bear arms and do not know or want to know that the right to bear arms is the right to keep the government in its place. The right to gather is the right to tell the government what WE THINK!

I'm sorry but what are you rambling about? No one has yet to tell me that I can't "assemble"! No one has ordered me to turn in my guns! I had absolutely no trouble buying 300 rounds of 9mm bullets yesterday! And since when couldn't the government send troops into my house? When this this all change? Gad! The word "paranoid" comes to mind, or racist!

For God's sake, stopping watching Rush Limbaugh. He's making millions of dollars by scaring the American people.

LOL not until Jan 1 2012 could the Government send troops into your house!
Yes you can not gather in front of anyone protected by the secret service and say anything that is on our mind you will now get 5 years mandatory prison!
Yes the UN is getting ready to bring troops into the USA to take away guns! After katrina hit the troops that where called in Did go house to house and take Guns did you not know Look it UP!

For got Obama has Asked the UN to come to the USA for he could Not get his gun control in place!

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I keep hearing that our government is taking away our "rights", yet no one ever actually lists those rights that even come close to affecting me. These same people have no trouble denying services to the poor and disadvantaged, I guess because the poor are not entitled to any "rights", oh, I'm sorry, "entitlements".

Anyone sides me notice that all the presented budget cut by the Republicans are the programs that most benefit the poor and lower middle class, with next to nothing being cut that serves the wealthy and powerful, congressmen like John Boehner and Mitch McConnel?

it does not affect you that the government can just come into your home and haul you away like the Germans did in world war 2. Many Germans said the same thing at the start!

It's been that way all my life, so what has suddenly changed? This has nothing to do with the current sitting President. I still haven't heard exactly which of MY rights have suddenly been taken from me personally? It's all political game playing. NO SITTING PRESIDENT HOLDS THE POWER TO SUDDENLY TAKE AWAY CITIZEN'S RIGHTS! WHERE IS THIS CRAP COMING FROM?

No the Police could get a order from a Judge to come into your Home!
But know they need no judge and not police but Troops and no phone call You know nothing about what right you have had your whole Life so I guess for you nothing has changed

Again! What's suddenly changed in the past 4 years? Government has always held the power to circumvent the laws. GWB, great example! The government can do anything in the name of National Security and Obama didn't didn't create the office of HS!

Again! What "rights" have been taken from me personally by this administration? List them for me. Politics is not a team sport! Why must it be us against them like either we, or them, are somehow not American citizens but pawn in political power struggles. Democrats 2, Republicans 3 as we go into the second half of today's game! GAD!

Home Land gave the Right to Police who in most states said NO to Goverment NADA gave the Right To Troops!
GWB act against restraints of competition!
IT is and always has Been throughout all time! Patrick Henery said the Price Of FreeDom is Viglance! Watching Government!
The Right to Bear Arms Is the Right to stand Up For Our Right Its not the Right To Hunt!

Sorry NDAA not NADA!
"Obama Demands Court Uphold His “Right” To Ignore Constitution"
Obama signed into law a bill that alows Him to fill spaces in Goverment without Congressal Aproval.

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We're all lazy and just want to sit on the computer all day long . . .

Elsie you are absolutely correct, the sad part of this is nothing will change in the forseeable future.