Avail the Options, Not Erase Them!

I blame this on TV and newspaper. I haven't spent too much time watching TV and I've been right as rain. I grab newspaper for Garfield, crosswords and Sudoku - and I've been blissfully cruising life.

Now I have to rant again because our Presidential Election has put me up to watching TV and actually reading newspaper again.

First off there is the old story of churches having their permits withdrawn, which amazingly enough never got published on any of the local papers, rated only a small column in the English language paper that I buy daily for the hard fact news (cough, Garfield).

One of our better TV stations managed rare footages of same but to people who weren't paying attention, like yours truly, you'd think they were freak, isolated incidents.

And the outrageous thing about it, this happened because a group of independent people took it upon themselves to act because they simply "...never approve of having a church in the area." And the cynical me see this as approved by the Government because they don't want to get into these people's black book.

And then I heard that a certain leader of an European country has banned the wearing of head scarves for Moslem women. This leader claimed it was a symbol of women enslavement and a spit to all the efforts they had fought for years.

Last but not least, the officials of a certain region west of my beloved city has banned pork slaughterhouse, citing the reasons of low demand anyway.

What the...?

After a few probing questions, the regent changed tactics and used the swine flu as his cover. Yeah right, like you closed all chicken slaughter houses when avian flu broke out a while ago.

As for head scarves a symbol of whatever - what if the woman wants to wear it for no other reason than obeying her God, eh, Mr President?

I really don't care much of this kind of governmental intervention. When you do your job and give us free or low costing education, or stabilized gas price or better insurance law then you're doing your job and a good one, at that.

But when you guys intervene with things a person should be able to choose, you're veering toward dictatorship. A citizen should have the choice to apply for the building of a religious house and not have such permit revoked under third party pressure. A citizen should have the choice whether to wear headscarves or not. A citizen should have the choice of opening a business he or she is interested in whether or not it'll be profitable.

You are paid good money and given power because we believe in your ability to compose laws that will govern all these options, not to erase options for convenience sake.

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yes, i need to work on staying out of my own way.

It is indeed something that always amaze me, mayapie. How the system actually works for those who are manipulative and selfish.<br />
<br />
Nice to know too, that no matter what there are always some people out there who move straight on and not let cynicism or frustration get in their way. I'm working on my own still.

the human race is NOT thick as ****---but it seems to me that if one is a decent, caring sort, then they are, BUT....generally have no talent with MONEY. amazingly enough, classless sorts and worse, often have extreme talents with money and they buy themselves into office and there you are. we get their 'end' results-----****.