Do I Know You?

I really wouldn't know, would I? This is your thought and your question. I suppose the response should be " Why do you ask?" What is it that made u begin thinking that.....Tell me?  I'm vaguely interested in  the question. I had a very good friend once.Her name was Ruth D. and she was a character in a million.  We both moved at the same time,got busy. and when i slowed enough to contact her.She was nowhere to be found.  I usually had her  work on my projects and we trusted each other. There is one skill Ruth had that amazed me and which i could never understand. I would have been running a project for weeks and really knew no more about the clients than was required for the contract.   A couple of days  after she came aboard she would know the life histories of every client we had,even down to their accounts. The clients adored her ,and never found her intrusive.I could not imagine how she did it,but she was very good and i thought she would have been a shoe in for any investigative career.  We met a colleague once and stopped to chat.(let's call her Joan) Joan launched into a vitriolic attack on someone we knew.  The sins of this person were truly alarming and shocking and you would  never want to get near the person.. Ruth asked how well she knew her victim."only like the back of my hand' she roared "I would know her anywhere at anytime in any country." She gave a name. Ruth was short with a huge genuine smile and a hearty laugh. At that moment she  began smiling "By the way you know Benetal don't you?"  "Of course i do"  said Joan, smiling  in  response "you know I do, why?"  "Because you have  just spent the last ten minuets ripping her apart, with a chain saw."  Ruth and I burst into laughter and walked away arm in arm. We never saw her again and to this day I don't know her name.


benetal benetal
Jan 16, 2013