The sweet, sweet smell of a passive aggressive co-worker

My coworker is never on time...
Well, maybe about 7 or 8 times in 3 years.
I can't go home until he gets there.
He's been getting later.

Meanwhile, our supervisor, who does payroll, keeps not doing a very good job of making sure I get paid for the time I spend waiting on my coworker.
I have asked said supervisor to try to get the guy to show up on time...the supervisor seems to think this beyond his own managerial capabilities.
He has said he's going to fire the guy for showing up late every night if it keeps on. 
I would rather not get anybody fired.
I would rather just have him show up on time.  Failing that I want paid for waiting.

...Lately the guy's been running a consistent 25 minutes late.
I wanted to see if I could do something about the tardiness myself.  I did not think I could, but I've been getting therapy lately, and so I wanted to try some nice polite self-assertion.

So...I carefully wrote out an assertive note and left it for him this Monday, hoping I could get him to show up on time...but figuring he'd just ignore it.

Well, he did not exactly ignore it.

...I came in to the office this evening.
The front desk where we sit had been seemingly doused in scent.  It smelled like a perfume factory had blown up.
I was told by the secretary that it had been like that when she arrived, and to ask my coworker about it.

...Within an hour of sitting in this stuff, my asthma was bothering me. 
He knows well that I have spectacular allergies and asthma.

When he got there he did not deny that he'd sprayed the stuff.

Instead he accused me of spraying peppermint. 
I don't spray it... I put peppermint oil in my coffee. 
This is pretty heady, but I have had no complaints. 
If he was getting complaints, he ought to have said so.
Peppermint, as far as I know, is a pretty innocuous plant as far as allergies go.

But you and I know d@mn well this was'nt about my peppermint oil habit.

This was because of my note.
...And the rest of the office was subjected to his chemical warfare.
I have had a shower and changed clothes, but I can still smell the scent.

...So I'm emailing the supervisor the gist of this story...this one has the names and details concealed, of course.
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

<p>amazing how the biches and the jerks always seem to have the upper hand at work and the those in charge wont get rid of them... iv seen that in every work place</p>

Yeah, read my blog about my bpd and my work. I have worked with a couple doozies! And I know it's not just me and my disorder that has caused problems.

I tried to look for ur blog but I didnt find it sorry

Eurgh... What an as*! Rest assured, everyone faces this at some point or the other... I've faced it from colleagues and teachers, my parents have faced it at work, etc.
Personally, I can't stand minty fragrances. I would've thrown up right away...

Ooh, sorry...I really was using peppermint oil to unclog my's a powerful anti-inflammatory, and I've found it very useful to put in my ears when the eustachian tubes swell shut.
He's still working there though, when he deliberately tried to make me ill.
...So I need to find a new job.

Must suck to be him. When all you got to do is show up on time to not disrespect your coworkers, and can't manage that consistently, you can bet your *** he got some serious issues.

He is not managing his brain cooties well...