Bad Moon Rising

I have an overwhelming sense of some sort of strife is headed for me.  I woke up feeling utter dread, in something I can't put my finger on.  I am uneasy, my heart is beating through my chest, if I am not careful this will turn into a panic attack, and over what I don't know.  I can't ignore what I am feeling, these feelings are rarely wrong.  I am not self fulling a prophecy.  I just have always had "these feelings" and I have learned to trust them.  This feeling is almost like I am grieving a tragedy.  That scares me.  I have prayed for protection.
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6 Responses Nov 19, 2007

I agree. I have grown some what use to knowing...

I have had them since I was a kid, and your are right they suck, big time. It feels like you are dying.

Well just keep an eye out for things and I'm sure you will be alright. Panic Attacks are horrible, I wouldn't wish them on anyone. I used to have them as a kid, but don't have them anymore.

I can't even remember what had gotten me so rilled any longer. I always listen to my angels. They have never steered my wrong.

Tis called the sight...<br />
Ignore it at your own peril.<br />
Some call it a gift, some a curse. <br />
She is whispering in your ear...Pay heed...<br />
Good Luck. <br />

I went for a run this morning and turned back before I was half way through, just because of this awful feeling. It is hard to concentrate on anything. I wish I could sleep, if for no other reason than to stop these thoughts!