My Future

I've been into my peeing fetish since I was young and barely even a teenager!
As they years have passed, I enjoyed it but I have also been a bit concerned about my future.
I am 18, and a young, aspiring actress going to audition after audition. Every night I think to myself, "What if i make it one day? What if I become famous?" and if that were to happen? What would I do about my peeing fetish?
If I ever get as big as i dreamed of being when I was younger, then people would end up following me around everywhere and wanting to know everything about me. How could I possibly hide something like that?
It's like purposely jumping into a pool for enjoyment, with a heavy risk of drowning.
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Please add. Promise I won't tell

David Carradine died in a closet naked and choking himself hanging from his belt in a closet with his **** in his hand... Nuff said.<br />
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Everyone has a freak somewhere inside, don't be embarrassed or ashamed of yours.

To be honest, i think just about EVERY human (and prob some animals) on this planet has some fetish. Either they donĀ“t know about it (yet), or they fought hard to ignore it (living a lie imo) or even managed to keep it a secret.<br />
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In the end, if you like it, and you are famous, why would u care? A tabloid might find out one day, but only thing it really will change is you will have lots of pee horny guys like us dreaming of you. If your famous, its likely not gonna affect the reason your famous. If anything its gonna draw more attention to you :)<br />
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Oh and furniture can be replaced. Sure peeing in the grandfathers clock might not be a good idea (so to speak) but sofas, beds, hell even floors can be replaced. Your just marking your territory :P

a little pee fetish is no big deal, god knows who does what in their own private space. everyone has a fetish, so does every famous person, but apart from the ones open about theirs; what famous person had such private things about them exposes? Can't think of any... so don't worry.<br />
Besides, if you're not ashamed of it, people can't hold it against you. So it's only your own opinion you have to fear.