The Party

I went with a friend to a so-called party, I didn’t know much what this party should be, I just knew that I will be asked to pee in front of other people, and I agreed to that since it is an experience that I never had.

I dressed with a clean black strapless robe, and 4” chunky heels.  The place was small and when we arrived there were only 5 more couples.  Two boy-girl couples, two girl-only and one boy only couple.  My friend introduced me and since I was a bit nerves we sat together on the sofa, she brought me a glass of wine, and we just held hands for a while.

In the meanwhile the music went on and I relaxed, the wine made me warm.  Other people were drinking and eating, more people arrived and the place became more crowded.  Some danced, and we joined, my friend held me while my head was drifting away.

Every now and then I was given more wine, plain water, or just a mix.  She said she doesn’t want me to eat at all.  I didn’t drink so much, but after a while I had to go.  I had to go real hard, but, as I was told before, I must go in front of everyone else and not on my own.  I was not sure I am going to do it.  I told her so, and she just gave me another glass and told me to drink more.  It was the Gin and Tonic I like and I drank, and I was drifted even more.

The party then became a circle, and all people stood around, and a medium sized bucket was put in the middle of the circle.

I was very embarrassed but my bladder was aching, I needed to go so much.  I asked my friend to go in private, but she just gave me a slap on my ***, raised my robe and told me to hold it while I pee in the bucket.  I didn’t want to wet myself so I just did what I was told.  She gave me a wet cleansing tissue to clean myself.

But the problem was that I was so full, and I had to go every few minutes.  And every few minutes everything stopped while I went in the bucket.  And after every time, I had to take the bucket to the toilet to empty and wash it.

It went on like that for the whole evening.  I was drinking, dancing, chatting, and going.

And then we went home and had sex.

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7 Responses Mar 14, 2010

i do that for my husband and a close circle of friends... sometimes i ********** at the idea of ******* in front of a bigger audience....

Do you think you will have the courage to do it?

I would love to move that party to the beach and let everybody pee when ever they felt like it. I would be peeing in my jeans all of the time.

I would love to go to a party like that. To me, the sight of girls peeing is totally erotic

MisterWii, that's OK. I am not so accepting this myself as well.

I still shiver when I think of it.<br />
I am not proud, nor ashamed. I wish it didn't happen in a sense, but still, it is exciting.

Healthguy, as an observer, or as a subject?

ohhh that is sooo hot thank you