One Pen Pal Stands Out From All The Others

I have had pen pals from all over the world and the longest pen pal relationship is 10 years old. We have been corresponding since 2002 but the one I really think about is the one I had for a year in 2001.

When I started getting responses for snail mail some of the mail I would get was from female prisoners. Most wanted financial help but there was one who was a Native American woman who was 23 years younger than me who was different. She just wanted a friend. She was in County Jail in North Dakota and we got to know each other thru a year's worth of letters.

Normally one thought would go through your head and that is could there possibly be romance brewing??. I had feelings for her and would love to have met her but after a year of writing, she was being released to a half way house and although she said she would try to keep writing, I only heard from her once.

Years passed and when I moved in 2007 I was clearing my things out of the closet when I came upon her letters. After my move I read the letters again and wondered what she was doing, if she met someone, etc so I went online to look up her name but I couldn't find her so I remember she gave me her sister's address in one of her last letters to me so I looked up the sister's name and the sister had moved.

Not knowing if my pen pal married or not and not wanting to cause any trouble I was debating whether to write or not when I came across a shocking development. I had just started researching my family tree and started using the Social Security Death Index and I don't what made me do it but I put my pen pal's name in it and I found out she passed away February 2005. I was shocked and sad.

Later on I found her obituary online and she was survived by a fiance. She was only 24. Although we didn't have too much in common, I loved her bright outlook on life despite being locked up and she was a very good artist. Out of all my pen pals I had over the years she will always stand out and I will always remember her..
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That's a good story. I'm sorry about your pen pal though.