Body Type: Clothes That Fit Our Figure

I was TOLD I have an hourglass figure. 34D -26 (last time I checked. I think it's smaller now)- 36. My shoulders are a 37. So no, it's not perfect. But I would like help with style.

Clothes would be tight at the shoulders and bust but fit around the waist. Or when I buy jeans they'd be snug around the thighs and hips but get kind of loose around the waist. So I don't please!

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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Ignore the previous comment! <br />
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Can I suggest the following:<br />
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- start wearing more fitted dresses (avoid anything that is shapeless, it will just make you look big all over, which you are not)<br />
- wear belts to emphasise the waist and draw in clothing at the waist (I seriously struggle with all waist sizes being too big)<br />
- start wearing heels to elongate the legs<br />
- never EVER buy anything without shape! Can't overstate this enough...<br />
- buy tops with scoop necks or v-necks to emphasise your bustline (turtlenecks are an absolute no no for an hourglass)<br />
- if your calves are larger, try A-Line skirts...these do a great job at drawing attention to your small waist and most likely narrow back, and generally the hem will skirt the knee, providing a visual cut off from the best parts of your body.<br />
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If you wany further inspiration, check out what Marilyn Munroe used to wear....Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johanson and Kate Winslet are all perfect role models too...<br />
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The big thing to keep in mind if you want to make the most of your hourglass assets - ignore the latest fashion, and stick with the basics that make your body look the most beautiful it can be...<br />
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Hope that helps!