Only 8% of Women =)

I was shocked to find out only 8% of women have true, 100% hourglass figures. I was even more surprised when I measured myself to discover I am one =)

Here are some articles about body shape:
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An hour glass keeps perfect time

You're so lucky. I only have a pear shape.

I have one too, i always loved my body, and i did the math, it added up! my fiance loves my body anyway. 35.5 bust, 25.5 waist, and 36.5 hips

I don't think Halle Berry has a hourglass figure, but dude....if she's in the other 92% who will blame it on her?

once upon a time it used to be a difference of ten inches between bust and waist, and ten between waist and hips. but i think they now have it to a range. (i can't get the sites listed to puter is being weird)

So there are actually specific measurements you have to have to have a true hourglass? Or your waist just has to be thinner than your chest and hips?

The apple; the string bean; the pear; the triangle. To me the hourglass is best- that is mine. I like that physique and proportions.

Wow. I had no idea that so few women actually have hourglass figures. Everyone I know keeps trying to claim that they have an hourglass...I just assumed that they had shallower curves. <br />
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I always thought that I had an hourglass, but reading your story made me want to make sure. I just measured 43 32 41 (HWB), I qualify. I am glad, I love having an hourglass!