Not Quite

 I am a 5'2, and my measures are 37" 25" 35". Yes, my waist is 2 inches smaller than it should be, but I am pretty hourglass all right.

I get extremely frustrated when I'm shopping for clothes, because my sort of figure is no longer deemed fashionable. Also, small breasted women seemed to have taken over the trade of bra-making and want me to go through hell and fire to find a decent fitting bra.

But I am proud of my figure, even though it makes me different. I have struggled with it, because it gets me a lot of unwanted attention, but there are some moments, when I really appreciate what I have.

LittleMonroe LittleMonroe
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Wow, I would LOVE to have a beautiful figure like that. With a figure like that who cares about clothes? Me, I'm disgustingly straight and thick-waisted.