t Hey so Im 17 years old, and I have   a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit me right. If you look at me, i'm very skinny, and would classify as just the rectangle shape. But I have measured myself, and i have a 33-21-33 ratio. But i have a few questions! 1... Does that even count as hourglass? I have really small boobs, and one   would ever think i was an hourglass by looking at me, which brings me to question 2. Should i even bother trying to dress my hourglass shape since it is so small? or should i just follow the clothing rules for the "ruler" body type? Of course it doesnt help that i am almost 5'9..

also, one more thing- because of my mothers lovely genetics, my natural waist is almost a full inch lower than most peoples... this makes clothing with waist ties a little   . If anyone has any suggestions or comments i would love to hear them!!!!! 

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sounds hot