Enjoying The Perm

From the age of 8 years old to 13 years old I had my hair permed regularly, at 13 I stopped having it permed and up until recently I haven't it permed and I am now aged 35.
I hadn't really thought about having my hair permed again until about a year ago my wife and I were at my mothers house and my mum was showing Linda my wife some photos of me as a child. When linda saw photos of me with curly hair she was quite suprised, mum said how cute I looked with curly hair and Linda agreed.
On the way home Linda asked why I stopped having my hair permed, I couldn't really remember the reason why. Linda then suggested that I should try a perm once more, at first I said no but then I started to think why not.
Linda was going to the haidressers the next day so she offered to book me an appointment to have a perm done. When she arrived home she announced that she had booked me an evening appointment for the next day at 5.30. I immediately felt nervous and excited at the prospect of having a perm the next day.
All day the next day while at work I couldn't think about anything else other than my fast approaching perm appointment, I finished work at 5.00 and went straight to the hairdressers and got there about 10 minutes past 5.00. I went up to the desk gave the receptionist my name and she said Ah yes Linda booked you an appointment for a perm. She asked me to take a seat in the waiting area and someone would be with me very soon. I sat down and waited nervously, I was only sat for a few minutes before a young girl came over to me and asked me to put on a gown which she had. As soon as I put on the gown the the reality of what was about to happen struck home and I felt really nervous. We went over to my chair and I sat down infront of the mirror, the young told me that the stylist would be with me in just a few minutes. Just a couple of minutes later the stylist called Sarah was with me she had with her a trolley with what looked like hundreds of perm rods of various colours and diameters. Sarah asked me a few question about how would like my hair to look then she said OK lets get started. Sarah put on a black pvc apron put a translucent plastic cape round me, washed my hair and then started to put in the pink perm rods. About 30 minutes later I was looking at myself in the mirror with a head full of pink curlers all in perfectly neat rows. Sarah now for the good bit and picked up a squeezy bottle and started squirting the perm lotionon each row of curlers, the smell of the perm lotion immediately struck me and remindered me of my childhood perms. Once all the perm lotion was applied Sarah put a pink hair net over the curlers, put cotton wool around my hairline and then put a plastic cap over my hair. At this point I was sat looking at myself in the mirror thinking what am I doing but at the same time I felt great. Sarah took me accross to the opposite side of the salon and sat me under a hood dryer which was right in the salon window so I was in full veiw of all passes by outside. Sarah checked my hair about every 20 minutes and after spending about a hour under the dryer Sarah finally said your are done. I was taken back to my chair, my hair was washed neutralized and the Sarah took out all my curlers to reveal my curly hair. I had my hair blowdryed and the I was done. At first I wasn't sure whether I liked it but I went home and Linda absolutely loved it.
So this afternoon at 2.00 pm I am going to the haidressers to have my 4th perm in succession, can't wait!!!
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Great story Had a few perms myself and enjoyed the whole thing.Wish I could tell my wife of my love for perms.Normally enjoy them for a few days out of town b4 cutting hair short again.I love all things perm but like you have looked in the mirror and asked myself what am I doing????

I would like my husband to try a perm on his hair, I think it would really suit him. I am in my final year as a trainee hairdresser, so he could come to the college salon and get his hair permed free of charge. I can't convince him at the moment but I know I will eventually.

After reading your note I made an appointment for my boy friend to have a perm. He might turn out to be a girl.

Did your bf get his perm? How did he do with the idea and process of getting it done?

After reading your note I made an appointment for my boy friend to have a perm. He might turn out to be a girl.