My First Perm

I can remember when i was 11 years old. My parents hated my hair being long. They always mentioned that I looked like a girl with my dirty blonde all one length hair. I on the other hand loved having long hair. At the time i was somewhat aware of my transgendered tendencies but was very shy and so much in the closet. I can remember one sat morning my aunt came by to pick me up, I was not told where i was going but to just get in the car and the rest would be a surprise. We drove of and after a short while we had pulled up to my aunts hair salon. We went in side for few moments to pick something up so i thought. At this time my aunt started playing with my hair telling me that i have such lovely hair and that she could do so much with it, do you trust me with it. I didn't know what to say. As a young boy i did sit down and i let her work on my hair. I was turned around so that i would not see what was being done, moments later i felt my hair being wet down and i herd this tray being wheeled over. It had lots of colored tubuler items in it. I felt like i was being pulled and tugged on for about an hour and half maybe two. She had taken a quick break and that was my que to reach out and touch the top of my head. From what i could tell it felt like i had several hundred little yellow rods coiled ever so tightly on my head. My aunt comes back and says are you ready. This is going to feel wet and smelly but will look great when you are all done. After some time had passed and a couple spots had been retightened I had been waiting quit sometime. All the processes that had occured kept me in suspence as to how i was going to look. These yellow rods had been carefully removed as to unchange the way my hair was to be, I can remember hearing severl giggles and noticed a smile on my aunts face as these yellow tubes came off. The final result was finally revealed as i was turned around so that i could look in the mirror. I was quit shocked, this was a hair do of a girly girl. I had an endless mass of ringlet curls that i was stuck with. I was terrified when i left her shop and felt as though i was being looked upon by all that passed me. When i arrived at home my mother had seen my new look and thanked my aunt for such a wonderful job. I was stuck with this hairdo. Remembering the weekend had been over and school came the very next morning. I was tormented in so many ways, things were never going to be the same for me. Secretly deep down inside of me i loved my perm. My friends were not so forgiving. I was made fun of constantly.

Today I embrace my hair do's. Also wear my hair in a tight ringlets and keep it delightfully girlish.
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4 Responses Sep 30, 2010

L0ve the perm story have had several perms love the ringlet ones looked like Sirley Temple also had on short skirt like she wore to enhance the experience.!!! but have also got punishment perm perm solution was left in extra long time made my hair very curly with curls that wouldn't be go away any time soon.

Being all dolled up and having women work on my hair as they look at my sissy self and laugh. At same time being treated like a delicate flower, makes me just melt.

I have a salon appointment coming up soon and would love to wear something special. Since i will be walking thru the mall to get to my destination, I'm sure i will get looked upon so i want to get dolled up really sissy like. More then likely i will get a new perm to tighten up some the looser curls that have since relaxed. I was thinking of changing the color as well. Perhaps red head with black and blonde highlights, I will be going with another tight ringlet perm but i want to look as girly as i possibly can.

How i just love the way i get treated when i go to the hair salon. The girls there have so much fun with me. I look at the ex<x>pressions on their faces and i just know what they are thinking inside when they look at me like im a little princess in tights and a frilly dress with my frilly umbrella right down to my pink 5 inch heel ankle boots. With my permanent makeup i look all dolled up. Not to many girls let alone girly boys would get a perm like mine. With my super tight ringlets that cling to my head and bounce as i walk. Just an endless mass of victorian curls.