First Perm(part 2)

Turns out that Kate was still training in the art of the perm,so Shelley said.( with curlers in hair)I could now have Shelley complete my perm or if I was ok with it both young ladys would perm me together.I of course said I was fine to help in Kates training.Shelley started with a rod front centre talking to kate whole time on fixing papers and rolling the rod in place.I was loving this all that talk about my perm,with 2 ladys working on me.My hair was about 5" long so each rod only had a small amount of hair wound on it however I enjoyed the winding of each rod.Section by section my head became covered in perm rods.Kate did over half the rods with shelley helping here and there.Kate then added a jelly cream around the edge of my hair line to hold the cotton wool in place.Once the cotton wool was in place, the perming lotion was added rod by rod,it smelt great.They soaked my rods 4 or 5 times until the perm lotion was just  running off.Once my hair could take no more I was placed under a wall mount dryer to speed things along,loved it .The dryer had been warmed up for me b4 hand so,I could enjoy the hot air blowing across my rods.Sitting under the dryer was great watching salon life go by.An older lady was under the dryer next to me,she didn't seem too pleased to see me there.She was the only one that seem to be troubled about a guy just getting a perm.When my hair was beening wound earlier the woman in the next  chair had been  friendly and chatty.She said was planing to wait and see how the perm went and if I was happy with the result.She was having a colour and foils which I said I would like to try some day.Tjme under the dryer was very nice,even with the old girl  under the next dryer.Just enjoying that warm air and great coffee when shelley removed the dryer to check my hair,happly to hear not ready and replaced the dryer back over me.I could have stayed under that dryer all day  but shelley had returned and I was heading back too the wash station Shelley washed away the perm lotion for about 10 minutes the smell was great.She still had curlers in her hair which I could not stop looking at.I wished I could touch them and her hair.She told me she was heading out on the town tonight,and had Kate roll her hair just for a change.The neutriser was now added it felt as cold as I was hard.Shelley sat down by me and told me it would take about 10 minutes to work then Kate would finish me off.As I waited Shelley removed her curlers in front of me I enjoyed watching and talking to her as she removed them.She said all the girls were talking about me and how great I looked with all those perm rod in my hair.I told her I had a great time in her salon and planed to return for another perm in the future.....   
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I to love everything about the perm and being in salon and the total experience of being turned into a girl and knowing its going to be that way for a while. Loved your Story!!!! Cheryl

Love your story great reading about others getting permed!!!!!!!!

We have been away on holiday just got back a couple of days ago. Did you get another perm or did you just get your colour and highlights done yesterday as originally planned. I also have highlights put through my hair but I usually time it so the highlights are done roughly 6 weeks after my perm and then my next perm is usually due about 6 weeks after that. Doing like that it doesn't damage my hair too much. Linda was only saying last night that I should have my highlights done next week so that my hair will have recovered sufficiently to have another perm just before christmas. She said she would ring the hairdressers from work today and book me an appointment for my highlights next week and an appointment for my perm on the 24th dec.<br />
Do you enjoy having your hair coloured and highlighted as much as having it permed.

Scotty planing to have a body perm in a couple weeks if my local hairdresser says my 2 and a bit inchs is long enough.Planing too just do it and surprise my wife.what do you think,she had her hair foiled the other day.I love to talk too her about how it was done and bless her she tells me in great detail.She knows I love to talk about hair dressing and capes so hopping its not a step too far....Booked in for a colour and highlights with cap on 2/12/10,however plan too call in to salon this week and ask for the perm first ,and colour a week or so later

newguy, <br />
My hair was about 2 1/2 inch long when I had my last perm. I can't really see us ever having a perm together, Linda did have permed hair when she was younger and before my last perm I did ask her whether she would consider having her hair permed again but she said that she very much doubted it. However, Linda always comes with me to the hairdressers when I am having my perms done. I think she came with me the first couple of times to make sure I went through with it but now she just comes to keep me company during the long process, which is great.

Hi scotty loved reading about your love of capes and perms.How long is your hair when it was last wound on perm rods....I would love to have a perm with my wife,would you and linda ever have a perm together......

I do having my pants line waxed regularly not a brazilian though.<br />
It is a week since my last perm and I have just been saying to Linda that my curls seem much tighter than they did after any of my previous 4 perms. Michelle used exactly the same perm curlers and perm solution but Linda says that she was watching michelle wind my hair onto the curler and she thought that my hair was being wound on much tighter than normal. Thinking back my hair did feel really tight although I didn't really think about it at the time, I was just enjoying my perm. I love the tighter curls which I have now though, well done Michelle.

Scotty you are right planing to tell my wife soon,would really love it if she made my perm appointments too.Had my first male brazian wax a few weeks ago and she loved the result have you tryed one....

It is a shame you can't share your perming experiences with your wife. My wife Linda encourages me to have my hair permed, she decides when my hair is ready for another perm and she usually books the appointment for me.<br />
I got a bit of a suprise when I went for my last perm because Sarah who had done my 4 previous perms was off sick, so it was Sarah's newly qualified apprentice Michelle who did my hair but she made a really good job no compaints at all, she was just a bit slower putting the curlers in.

Thanks Scotty,I have had seven perms in total.I still love having them done,from making the appointment to paying the bill its all great to me.Sometimes look in the mirror and think what the hell am I doing with a head full of curlers.At the same time enjoying it all feeling hot , happy and troubled.I feel I should just stop this and call it a day.I've had my hair cut short in the past and hoped to forget about perming and curlers only to start planning the next perm within hours of the cut.Working out how many months to grow hair back for a good rolling......

Great story, do you think it will be the first of many perms. I have to say I have caught the perming bug, I had my 5th sucessive perm yesterday afternoon. loved it

Enjoyed reliving that great day what do you think.....