My Husbands First Perm

I finally got my husband to get his hair permed yesterday after weeks of me trying to persuade him. His appointment was for 1.00 pm we arrived about 15 minutes early, we were asked to take a seat but almost as soon as we sat down a young lady approached us asked for Mr Pearce, she confirmed with him that he was in for a perm then she asked him to go with her to get a gown on. A few minutes later he returned wearing a black nylon gown with a black pvc apron over that. I said to him well you are all ready now, he said Stephi is coming back in a minute she has just gone to put her apron on then she will wash my hair and then the stylist will be ready to start putting the perm curlers in.
Stephi took him over to the wash station washed his hair then took over to the hairdressing chair, Stephi the asked me whether I was staying with my husband, I said yes if that is OK she said no problem and that I could sit in the chair next to him as that wouldn't be needed this afternoon. I sat down and made myself comfortable, I could see he looked quite nervous. Stephi put a towel over his shoulders and then a translucent pink plastic cape was put on him and fastened around his neck. He looked at me and said is this really necessary I said they just want to ensure that perm solution doesn't get onto your clothing.
Next the stylist arrived she introduced herself as Kate, she asked a few questions about what kind of final look he wanted. Kate then asked Stephi to go get her the pink and blue perm rods. Kate put on her PVC apron and latex gloves and started put in the curlers, she started with the pink ones, putting a perfect row down the centre of his head sponging some perm solution onto each curler as she went on. Then she put the blue curlers down each side of his head.
It took about 40 minutes to put all the curlers in, Stephi then smeared vaseline around his hairline then stuck cotton wool to that. Kate then took a squeasy bottle full of perm solution and saturated each curler in lotion next a pink hair net was placed over the curlers and then some more perm solution was applied. Stephi then carefully put a plastic cap on his head placing it so to keep the cotton wool around his hairline in place. I thought he looked so cute sat there in his curlers, next the hood dryer was brought over and placed over his head. At this point I decided to leave and do some shopping while the perm solution worked.
When I returned he was already done and he was having his hair washed an neutralised. When he came back to the chair his hair was a mass of curls. Kate blow dryed his hair and I think it really suits him and the good new is he really likes it although he said that he didn't enjoy the process of having it done.
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Where do you live? I have been in many salons and gotten many perms and have never once been anywhere where they place a gown over a customer, a pvc apron over that and then the hair dressing cape over that. I've never seen that done or heard of it done that way.

We live in Essex UK
It is something quite unique to this salon I think but I think it is a good idea the apron keeps the gown tight to the body which makes it feel more fitted. A plastic cape I think is normal when having a chemical treatment such as I perm

"When I returned he was already done and he was having his hair washed an neutralised."
This story sounds so good till you read the above line line, a trained stylist would never wash the patrons hair after a perm. Wait at least three days, longer if you can.
Makes the story quite suspect!

haruu111 is quite right, I used the wrong word, should have been rinsed not washed.

My first perm
I had perm appt at 8 am this morning at a salon. When I got there the stylist wash my hair and than took me to her station where she asked what kind of perm I was looking for. I have very short hair so we talked for 5 min and she said can I give you a nice perm and I said yes do what ever you would like. She start to put perm rods in and 20 min later my head was all rolled in yellow and red rods. At this time I was very nervous as she said its time . I said time and she said Yeh , time for perm lotion and the point of no return, before I could say No I could smell this stuff and wow I was going to be curly soon. 2 hours later wow my hair looks very curly and yes I love it very much and I would and will perm again in a couple of months . Don't think about it JUST PERM IT

When I was growing up I often stayed with my Aunt who would give me a home perm including sitting under her dryer. Eventually she started taking me to her salon... Great experience!

I've convinced my partner into getting a perm. He's been growing it out for about 9 months now. His appointment is late next month. I can't wait!!

The pending perm on your partner sounds very exciting for the two of you.......with the appointment booked have you given any thought on what style of perm you are having done? I think we all would be interested in the details.

Your first perm is fast approaching are you getting excited / nervous about the prospect of going curly, I know Jamie, my husband was very nervous prior to having his first perm. Now he has got used to it and he is somewhat of a perming veteran now, I just can't really imagine him now with straight hair.

I always wanted my mom, and ajnt or later my wife to urge me to get a perm, but I did it on my own initiative. I wore my hair in a 4' loose for for many years.<br />
<br />
Much later I decided to grow it out and it is now about 15" long. I do not want to get it permed now for fear of damage. I get roller sets at least twice a week. I have several salons who do it depending on my schedule, but regularly two: the local beuty college and "Gene," whose contact I can supply in Asheville, NC

I love the idea of being tied into a a translucent pink plastic cape by a lady in a pinny and gloves. But I'm odd. :-)

i love the idea of getting a perm and have done so on and off over the years. My most recent perm was three weeks ago when my mother-in-law got me an early xmas present of a trip to her salon. After hours on Saturday she and I settled in for a few hours and both loved the results! I enjoy perms of various styles and have sometimes tried more feminine styles - works for me and MIL loves it

Great story. I too am trying to persuade my husband would perm his hair. Spoke to most of the women on the block and they adore men with curly hair.

Wow, that is a bit of a marathon session but a least it is sorted out now and it should be good now for 2 or 3 months. I wouldn't worry about the redness around the hairline, I usually get the same but soon goes. Do you think James will be put off having any more perms now being as it took so long.

We finally left the hairdressers just after 4.00 pm yesterday so James was there just over 5 1/2 hours, he was definately ready for home.<br />
We are both really pleased with his perm though, when James got up this morning he just ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times and then it was as good as it was when we left the salon last night. The only negative thing is that James,s skin is a bit red and sore around his hairline where the cotton wool was placed, I know Kate put lots of vaseline around his hairline but I guess some of the perm lotion must have leeched through.

Scotty, Yes you are right it has been longer than even Kate the hairdresser expected. I arrived back at the salon just after 1.00 pm and kate had got James out from under the dryer and was applying more perm solution to his curlers, after that the plastic cap was put back on and he was put back under the dryer. Kate has done that another 2 time since and finally about 30 mins ago she decided he was done, his hair has been neutralised now and he is at the wash station having his curlers taken out just over 3 hours after kate finished putting them in.

Louise, sounds like James is in for a long stint under the dryer. I usually spend about 1 hour under the dryer in total. Hope his perm works out better for him this time.

Change of plan!!! Found out yesterday that my husbands work rotor has beed changed and he is on call for work all weekend however, he is off work wednesday (today) till Friday. So as soon as I found out that James (my husband) would not be able to make his appointment on saturday I rang Kate at the salon, she said that she had a quiet day tomorrow (ie today) and if James came down for about 10.30 she would do his perm. So I am sat here in the hairdressers posting this from my i phone watching Kate put the perm rods into James's hair. As soon as we arrived Kate did a skin test on James using the strongest perm solution they have, everything seems to be OK so she is using that perm lotion. Kate has nearly finished putting the curlers in and she has just told James that he might have the curlers in for quite some time, he seems OK about it not that he has got much choice now. I am going home soon to get some lunch, I am going pick up a sandwich for James and come back, at least then he can have his sandwich while he sat under the dryer with his curlers in waiting for the perm to take.

My husband had his hair permed less than 4 weeks ago and already the curls are starting to drop out<br />
I have spoken the Kate the hairdresser who permed his hair and she said it is very unusual but not unheard of. She has said that some people has hair which is very resistant to perm lotion. The good news is that she said that they will re-do his perm free of charge but they will have to allow a longer than normal appointment time to ensure that the perm lotion has sufficient process time to work properly this time. She said to be prepared to be at the salon for upto 5 hours because she thinks that his curlers may have to be in for at least 2 hours. I have made his appointment for this coming satuday, I am not going to tell him that he could be there 5 hours because he might decide not to have re-done. Once he is there and sat under the hood dryer with his curlers in and perm lotion on he has no choice but to go through with it.

I love getting permed. I get 4 body perms a year and gives my hair a pretty wave. I roller set my hair alot and the perm really helps hold the set. You should try setting his hair on rollers for variety, you can really do lots of fun things with his hair

I forgot to mention in my previous reply that my husband asked how long his perm would last before it needs re-perming. I said it would probably need re-doing in the new year but his hair does grow really quickly but we will see how it looks just before Christmas, it would be a nice idea for him to have it permed just before the christmas break so that is perm is nice and curly for the christmas holidays.

I would just start by suggesting that you think your hair would look good with some curl in it. That is what I did with my husband, I just told him that he would look good with curly hair then took it from there, it took a bit of time to convince him but I got there. It is nearly a week now since he had his perm done and he has come around to my way of thinking he loves his new curly hair.

If I have anything to do with it then he will be having regular perms, curly hair suits him so well.<br />
On the way home he did nothing but moan about how uncomfortable he felt sat under the dryer with all those curlers in but I pointed out that he was only under the dryer for about 30 minutes, what is 30 minutes of discomfort compared with having such a nice result. He was just the same when I wanted him to have his ears pierced, he kept saying that he couldn't be bothered with all that cleaning and rotating of the piercing studs for 6 weeks but when I finally got him to have them pierced he loved them and has loved them ever since, I am confident it will be the same with his perm.

Do you think it will be your husbands first and only perm or do you think he might be a regular now. I was very nervous about having my hair permed when I had my hair permed for the first time as an adult but now I just sit back relax and enjoy the perming experience. There are certain aspects of the process which are rather uncomfortable but for me it is all part of the perming experience.