Mom Took Me To A Salon The Other Day...

Okay, so I got an early start, had to be at my mom's at 8am so the gals who was going to do our hair could start right when they opened.
Dressed Cowboy style, boots, jeans and a plaid shirt. Myhair this morning was just shy of shoulder length.
I left my house at 6:55 since it is cross towne traffic, and it would be rush hour. Takes me forever to get there.
Boy was I nervous. I had not had a perm for two years, and I did not know any of these people. This was all unchartered territory!
Picked up mom, her 2 oxy tanks and ran over to Beauty Inc. Yep. Really!
This was an old fashioned lady's salon!
I walked in right behing my mom, and was greeted by the owner. Mom was taken back right away, I had to wait a bit. As I sat, I sw that I was surrounded by ladies. There were at least ten of them there, all getting their hair done. One was one of my mom's friends, the others were directly from the neighborhood. Some looked familiar, some did not.
I was treated, since the owner herself was to do my hair.
She is just shy of 68 years old. Nice looking lady, style galore, Italian, and talks a mile a minute. She knew all the people I know from the neighborhood.
We talked about college, where I worked, I told her that I had once gave the notion of going to beauty college, but my Grandfather wold not hear of it or finance it(since he paid for some of my college).
I had a few pics of the kind of curl I wanted, what colour of rods I have had in the past, how long the chemicals were left in my hair when applied, and what kind of look I wanted.
I had a few pics of my in boi mode with tight curls, and made sure she knew that was NOT what I wanted, softer loopier curls.
A friend of my deceased grandfather came in to pick up his wife, and stopped to say "Hi" while I was hetting my hair cut.
Then out came the rods.
Grey ones, white ones and a few black, some conical, some linear for where my hair is hard to curl. She was lightning fast and placed 115 rods in, and she made sure I knew that.
All the time I was sitting there, more and more of the over 60's crowd came in. I really have not seen that many gals in curlers since the 70's when I went downtown to get my hair done! WOW! all were having big hair done.
When she finished rolling my up, and applying the chemicals wrapping me with cotton, she bagged my head and sat me there to process. Then a horror. One of the kids from school walked in, AND was her niece. Made me a bit nervous but the teen said "hi", borrowed $20 dollars from her aunt and left.
Here's the really FUN part.
Mom's OXY ran out! She let me know, and I needed to go out to the car and get her other tank. In perm rods. Outside. next to a boulevard. Traffic. A garage next door! GULP!
I tried to act non chalant and went out, got the tank, came back in quickly, cowboy boot heels clicking fast and hard.
When mom was squared away, the stylist rinsed me. For once, someone used warm water instea of that tepid crap that I have had in the past. The neutraliser applied, I was sat aside while she combed out another lady into a cute short but ladylike bouffant.
I realised at that point I had no camera on me. Yes, the gal with the degree in Photography had no camera with her... BUT I had my newfangled fone. I told her I need to potty, and while in there, I turned the danged thing on, snapped what will probably be 3 crappy fotos, pottied, and then returned.
Now the rods out, she said "I should not have cut your hair so short, it tensed up tight!" I was turned around and looked in the mirror and as Saunders says once and a while, I got the poodle perm. Woof.
She started a card of notes what she did, asked me a zillion questions aand told me a zillion more about perm care, and then I asked "what if it doesn't relax?" And she laughed and said "Set it on rollers silly!"
Then she unwound me.
And I got worried
Mom came over and saw it, asked if I liked my hair, and I do, but then again all new perms to me are too tight, and the stylist said, of course he knows what to do if it does not relax.
Mom, rolled her eyes and we went to lunch.
She with her little old lady bouffant and me with my perm. I think in the morning, I will set it on small rollers to see if it loosens some and maybe post the pics. I will figure out how to get pictures from teh phone to my computer and post those too.
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What a super time you must have had crisfiorella. I am so jealous I have always wanted a perm, but can only bring myself to have my hair washed & set on perm rods.<br />
They do know me in the Salon and they allow me to dress the part Oh how I wish I was a Lady sometimes.<br />
<br />