First Perm Of 2013

Well what day Wednesday turned out to be 6 1/2 hour at the hairdressers but very well looked after.
When we arrived we were told that Sarah my stylist was running late she was 15 minutes late they said but as it turned out it was more like a hour.
Stephanie, Sarah's assistant was brilliant, soon after we arrived Steph introduced herself and took me to get my gown on. She took me through to where they keep all the protective gowns, she confirmed with me that I was having a perm done, then started looking through the gowns for an appropriate one for me. She said we don’t seem to have the right gown for you and then went off to check with someone else. When she came back she said I am very sorry but the only gowns we have suitable for perming are pink, I said it doesn’t matter to me my hair is going be in lots of pink perming curlers before so long. Steph carried on and helped me on with the plastic coated pink gown, she then said I will change the pinafore front of the gown from the pink one to a black one, I said it didn’t matter but she had already started unfastening it. She fastened the plastic coated black pinafore front to the gown where the pink one came off with the press studs and then tied it behind my back and pulling the gown in round my waist at the same time.
She then took me through to the wash station where she placed a towel round my neck, then washed and conditioned my hair ready for Sarah to start the perm.
I was then taken to my chair, I sat down, Steph then put a translucent plastic cape around me ready for Sarah to start putting my pink perm curlers in which I could see on the trolley at the side of my chair. Steph then said she would just go and check how much longer Sarah would be, a couple minutes later Steph and Sarah came back, Sarah explained that she was having problems colouring her current clients hair and she expected to be with me at around midday. She asked if I wanted to re-arrange the appointment for another day but it was already 11.20 so I said it was fine I would wait. Steph went and got me a coffee and some magazines to look at while I was waiting, she then asked me whether I wanted take off the cape and gown, I said no, I felt comfortable enough as I was. Steph then noticed that I was wearing a pair of earrings, she said shall I take your earring out so they don't get spoilt by the perm solution, I told her that there was no need because they were just my piercing studs, she took that to mean that I had only recently had them pierced and I wasnt able to remove them but I explained that my ears had been pierced for quite some time, I had just put them in to come to the hairdressers knowing that a good pair could get spoilt
The time soon passed and right enough Sarah was true to her word and was ready to start my hair at 12.00, Sarah gave my hair a brush and sectioned it off ready to have the curlers put in, meanwhile Steph was sent to get an apron and protective gloves for Sarah and herself. As soon as Steph came back with the aprons and gloves they both put them on and Sarah started with the first curler. It felt great to finally get started, I watched in the mirror as Sarah carefully took the first lock of hair in her fingers, sponged on some perm solution, laid the tissue paper onto the hair and began to wind my hair onto the tiny pink curler until it came up against my scalp then she locked it into position. I suddenly felt excited due to firstly to seeing the first pink curler in my hair, followed by the feeling of the curler wound tightly against my scalp and finally the smell of the perm solution, Sarah said Jamie that’s the first one in, many more to go. A hour or so later I was sat there looking at myself with a head full of pink perm curlers, Sarah announced that’s it they are all in now Jamie, it felt so nice having all my hair wound tightly onto tiny curlers. Cotton wool was then placed around my hairline, drip tray place round my neck and perm solution applied to each curler until they were all saturated.
By this time Louise had joined me, which was nice as I know she likes to watch when the perm solution is applied. Once all the perm solution had been applied a plastic processing cap was put over my hair and the hood dryer was brought over and positioned over my head. Sarah said, just relax now and wait for the perm solution to do its stuff. It took about 90 minutes for it to process, Steph then took me to the wash station rinsed my hair thoroughly and then applied the neutraliser which stayed on my hair for about 15 minutes, then it was time for all the curlers to come out. Steph took me back to my chair where Sarah was waiting, I saw myself in the mirror my hair was so curly. Sarah started to blowdry my hair, then she said it is very dry, I think we should give you a hot oil conditioning treatment, I asked Louise what she thought and she agreed, so Steph applied that and left that on for 15 minutes, then my hair was washed again and finally blowdried into a lovely tightly curled style. Love it and so does Louise.
Really long day but well worth it.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

James....I haven't booked my first 2013 perm yet, maybe the first week of April ( I'll let you know the results soon ). My girl now does a tight wrap but on the large purple rods, but I remember my first salon perm that was done on all yellow rods that were wrapped so tight that when the rods were removed the hair stay rolled up as if the rods were still in my hair. She used 95-100 rods and had to use 2- bottles of the perm solution and while under the dryer the heating process seemed to tighten the wraps around the rods even tighter. I miss the old style perms that I had to sit under the dryer for the 25-30 minutes with the plastic bag over the perm rods cooking in the curls, but the cold perms today are still a lot of fun too.

My hair is very resistant to perming the new cold method simply doesn't work. I have to go under the hood dryer plastic process cap on for quite a long time to get an acceptable result.

I'm also scheduled for my first perm of hairdresser has suggested that a spiral perm would look real nice since my hair is shoulder length. I'm just not sure at this time if a sprial perm is the look I'm wanting......I like the softer thich bouncy curls that she does with the large purple rods. Guess one can alway have it re-done in a few months if I don't like me a great excuse for another perm session with my hairdresser.

Have you had your perm yet if so what did you go for. Tighter curls I hope

Went in yesterday to book my spring perm, but found out my regular hairdresser is off for the next month due to her health. The hairdresser covering for her booked me in for April 10th........she checked out my hair and asked what size rollers I had for my last perm, after telling her purple rods she came back saying that she wants to use smaller white rods so I'll be a lot more curly. Looking forward to April 10th. Perm Fetish

Way to go Jamie! Your vivid description of being permed is wonderful. And Louise had to be thrilled as well. Enjoy those permed curls as much as Louise will!