This Is a Life Long Struggle

If you are one of us.. You struggle with a mental disorder such as dythemia or personality disorder, This is a life long sentence that with strenght, goals and determination can be conched but unfortunately this seems completely impossible for someone who is weak and in that deep dark hole. So this is the time for me to let go of pride and put myself in someone Else's hand to save me... Because i can no longer save myself...

deathsangel deathsangel
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Ive Been struggling for 10years now... and i dont feel like i am getting anywhere, I give more than i have and it sets me back, I turn all anxity, pain and anger inwards in which i use to self destruct myself... And its hard to get out of this habbit its a rut that i cant rise up to and climb over...How can you do this when all your streght is used to survive each day??<br />
I just want to turn and walk away

One step at a day at a time...recognize that you will have good days and bad days - just like everyone else on the planet, mental illness or not...real change, real growth and real help comes from with...a change in your thinking - how you see yourself - needs to happen one can conquer their fears if they believe they are weak and defenseless....start by changing how you see yourself...affirmations, positive thinking...seeing things as they really are, not through the clouded lens of self-loathing....this can be a fellow traveler on this planet with similar issues, I can tell you that progress can be made...remember....Life, and that comes with it, is a journey, not a destination....this is part of your challenge in this lifetime...embrace it...forge onward....try something new since all that you have done before has not worked....peace...SS