I turn on the hot water and get undressed while waiting for the water to heat up. I step in and close the shower door. I start by washing my hair. After that I wash my face. I then see a huge grey furry silhouette sitting outside the shower door. It's my male cat. He loves to watch me shower! I wash my body, and do what else needs to be done. Turn off the water, open the door to grab a towel. He stares at me and meows. Purring so loud as he sits there and watches me dry off. I wrap the towel around my body and he leaves. What a perv!!
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I would be much like your cat!haha

he might just be horny

He's been fixed. Lol.

oh no u didnt... you took away the poor thing's manhood like in Hard Candy!!!

Hahha! Had to do it. Males spray and mark their territory. I wasn't having that.

i had a male cat that belonged to a friend for 2 weeks... the little devil used to pee on the rug just in front of the toilet... but by the end of the week i got him to pee in a pile of sand inside a bucket...

Very nice!

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I've had 2 dogs that followed me everywhere. Including waiting outside the shower. One would even try to jump in with me. It's kinda nice having that much love. They also preferred to sleep between my legs at night. That got old fast. It pissed my ex-wife off as both were suppose to be her dogs.

he is sensing your pheromones, i think.

I need to work on my magic and transform into your cat! Be the ***** to see the ***** :D

Lol. You're too funny!

***** likes *****.. What more needs to be said?

Hahaha!! Well he is a male, so.....;)

Lmao that explains it then :)

I have a perv dog before.

Animals are silly.

My dog only wags at good looking young girls.

Smart dog, knows what he likes!!

Lol old perv dog.

It's okay, they need love too! Lol.

Yep, for sure. Lol

I think my cat is a voyeur! Lol

Maybe in it's past life. Haha

I should probably start shutting the bathroom door, huh?

Yes, you need your privacy.

I'm worried my cat will be disappointed though.

Maybe he will retaliate. Lol

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