Midnight Madness

Many of times ive awoken in the night needing to pee and thought of ******* on my gf, should i next time? I would blame her
peeguy24 peeguy24
22-25, M
4 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Would you pee close to her so it nearly touches her *****?

I pulled her undies down over her *** n pulleed her *** cheeks open n placed my knob cloes to her ******* n ***** n drippled alil bit next time its gunna be a bit more.

I would let it all out but pretend to be asleep when you do it. That is if you can keep a straight face and not laugh. Once the act is complete pretend to be remorseful. Remember bed protection first before any playing games okay.

Yes you should!

i let u **** on me