Imagine Me In Bath

I want a I take my clothes off..and I apply olive oil..smooth..then I check the water in the bath has luke warm I slide inside and feel my body.your thoughts come inside with me.. whispering in my ears..touch your boobs..hmmm massage them..yes....then take some soft soap and apply on your back..turn hmmmm..and then lie still..take a brush and scrub back and lower and between legs..ooohhh..your thoughts..made me wet..inside the i want to hold of the hand shower..putting it on full..I jet the water aiming at..yes...raise my legs and open wide..let them be apart and over the edge of bath tub..i want to wash my I shampoo and then apply conditioner..there is sometime..I rub my heels and toes..take a shower ..had enough of play..wrap the towel and walk out..then dry..apply body lotion..hmmm..feels I will continue to think how you will do it to detail
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