Third Grade :))

What can I do if this thought goes around my mind like a tune stuck..yes it was third grade but then teacher Mrs. Jones was super duper sexy..she had the most round and solid ***. And she would wear a tight narrowing skirt, making her body bulge out..though mine was tiny but still I wanted to always find a reason to bum into her 's.
So, even as I was being told to stand in the corner or out of the class room in the corridor, I kept looking towards her, asshe would clean the white board , the moment she turned..all I could see was her *** and I must have imagined hundreds of to take a bite..yes..little Johnny Smith, looked very innocent and cute ..when he smiled but his eyes were seeing beyond what his parents could even it happened that one afternoon, Johnny went playing nearby Mrs. Jones house. He went towards the kitchen and peeped in, she was there and very much relaxed too. Then she went to wash something and a man walked in behind her, he was behind her and then he lifted her took the string that covered her hot ***** and was playing with her.he was getting hard..Johnny was getting excited as he watched him. Mrs. Jones then kneeled and was now covering this man..he then bend her over the kitchen table and took off her skirt..then her thong..he then started to move in and out ..suddenly ..he lifted her *** and was about to bite her..noooooooo screamed Johnny from the window..that is mine..
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Thats hot

thank you