I Have A Perverted Stepfather

my stepfather has touched my boob "accidently" several times, has kissed me in my mouth "accindently" several times, has tried to open the bathroom door (while it was locked) and i was in the bathroom showering. he would be knocking and turning the knob roughly, pushing and pulling the door knob roughly several times as if expecting me to let him in. he's done this since i was little. i would always ignore it but recently remembered a few times that i ended up opening the door and he push it more forcing his way into the bathroom. then i screamed for my mother and she rushed over. and he completely changed his demeanor innocently asking "what happend?" "why is she screaming?" "i have to use the bathroom" my mother just laughed it off. still i remember her telling me a couple of times that if he ever did anything to me that i was to tell her. these are things that i had forgotten. now as a young adult he's had all these "accidents" with me it has remimded me of what i had forgotten, or maybe what i forced myself to forget.

earlier he was showing me some pages of coupons, while i was sitting at the computer he was standing right next to me. i saw his right hand that he was holding the page open with, moving closer to my left boobed so i moved further and further away telling him "ok, you showed me that already"

i've caught him several times breaking his neck to look at my bum. or my boobs. one time he asked me what button in the remote was the one for the guide. he knows this already so i told him the one that sais "guide" he said "show me which one, i don't see it" he wanted me to point at it but the way he was holding the remote made me uncomfortable. he was laying down on the couch with shorts on. he was holding the remote with both hands pressing down the remote on his private area. i pointed at the button but felt really weird. i realized he just wanted my hand to be as close as possible to his private part. i knew that by the way he was holding the remote while laying down there was no way of him seeing the button he wanted me to point out. but to be save i checked for myself one day. i layed down and held the remote just how he had and realized i couldn't see the buttons. he couldn't see the buttons. he didn't need me to show him anything he just wanted to trick me into getting my hand close to his private parts.

i am so angry right now. i realize the type of family that i have and i can hardly contain myself. i want to leave. but i need the money to do so. i am holding on to my faith in God and Jesus to help me get out of this house asap but at times i feel hopeless.

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I honestly hope things are better for you since you posted this.

I am currently in your exact situation. Your story is surprisingly similar to mine. What I am doing is saving all the money I can from this job that I got and asap...Im finding my own place and moving out! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers because I know EXACTLY what you're going through hun :(

thank u so much xoxo

Keep holding on to Him- it sickens me how there are so amny 'men' like this running around, wish IU could do something for you- even if it was just to crack that perv in the head one good time, I'd do it... seriously, keep praying and serving God. Cheist will not let you down.

thank you:)