"had" :'(

He was red and shiny I loved him. I heard a noise that made me jump this morning and ran into the living room to find he had been attacked by my cat. It was too late to save him.

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I didn't say my carpet fukker!!!! I thought we were talking about... nevermind :))

Car-pets... not pet-pets lil fukker

Heyyy don't get my other pet balloon killed lil fukker


*twists all thhree of E's nips then runs away quickly*

I have not, I am a procrastinator even when it comes to these things lol

WTF Joanne? LMAO<br />
<br />
Aw....C!!! *hugs*

*hugs Edie* Thank you all for coming at this most distressing time in my life... Well except for Joanne who is the cause lol

OMG Joanne you fukking freak lmao

My brother has got somthing the same his is hard and red and it spets that me i want to hold it and feel it